What is the festival?

The Festival acadien de Clare, the oldest Acadian festival in the world, has always been a celebration of Acadian culture and heritage. Thousands of people from all over the world gather every year in the Baie Sainte-Marie region. There are plenty of activities for people of all ages. A series of concerts take place every year and feature many musicians and music genres such as Acadian and Cajun. The other activities located all around Clare give people the opportunity to visit every part of the beautiful region. Also, anyone can show off their pride and creativity during the annual parade (that takes place on the first weekend of the festival) and the Tintamarre (that takes place on August 15th). Everyone is invited to celebrate the Acadian pride! New activities are added to the program each year. We hope to see you there!

The Festival is both for visitors and local Acadians who still live here as well as those who have moved away and return each year during their summer vacations.

Since the 2004 World Acadian Congress, the organizing committee of the Festival acadien is composed of people who are dedicated to working together at increasing the diversity and quality of the Festival's activities. There are traditional activities such as the selection of Gabriel and Évangéline, masses, parades, lumberjack competition and the very popular bazaar.

The grand concert highlight National Acadian Day, August 15th. Showcasing local professional and amateur musicians, we also welcome popular Acadian groups from places such as New Brunswick and Louisiana.

Other activities that showcase oral and visual presentations, music, theatre, food and dance are held in our region's many venues.

The Festival acadien de Clare marries the modern and the traditional. Also, one of the greatest things is the Acadian people themselves, who are always welcoming. Come join our large family!

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